Subsea Cables

A turnkey solution

Briggs Marine offers a turnkey subsea power and telecommunication cable installation and repair service. Our professional subsea cable team ensures a safe, expert and competent service.

Briggs Marine own and operate modular subsea cable equipment deployed on our own vessels, ensuring the correct equipment is used for each particular operation. This modular equipment can be mounted on a variety of vessels suitable to each individual operation, ensuring the most cost effective solution possible when repairing, maintaining and installing subsea cables.

  • Subsea Cable Installation

    Briggs Marine offers turnkey solutions for subsea cable installations.

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  • Subsea Cable Maintenance

    Briggs Marine maintains a network of subsea power cables throughout the UK for major utility providers.

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  • Subsea Cable Repair

    Briggs Marine understands the need for a rapid, cost effective response to subsea cable repairs. Our team and equipment are well suited for immediate response with our own or externally supplied vessels.

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