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Vision & Strategy

Briggs is focused on the expert delivery of a wide range of marine services in and around the coastal environment. It delivers these services to the highest standards of safety and quality and it strives to bring innovation and collaboration to our relationships with Customers, Staff and Suppliers. The company achieves long term, sustainable growth through careful investment in our people and our assets. We achieve that growth whilst minimising harm to our environment.

Company Culture and Values
The Company’s Culture and Values are communicated freely to its people. The key values dictate how we do business and how we interact between ourselves and with others.

They are:
No harm
• It is unacceptable that harm is done to people as a result of our actions. We both work and invest in order to minimise our impact on our environment.
Build long-term, collaborative and productive relationships
• We understand that our business operates successfully as a result of positive relationships with our Customers, our People, our Suppliers and the wider community. We will always work to build these relationships since they are a cornerstone of our success.
Provide service that is of the highest value
• The service that we provide will always be of the highest quality and it must be a cost-effective and truly valuable solution for our Clients. This means we are innovative, competitive and that we invest in - and effectively maintain - the best equipment. The skills that our people possess differentiate us as a business.
We aim to be an employer of choice
• We treat our people fairly and will invest along with them in their future. We know that we ask a lot of all of our people and we provide them with competitive rewards. As a minimum, we commit to the aims of the National Living Wage.
Contribute to our communities
• We understand that our business can and will provide a positive impact to our wider communities. We share in our successes by promoting positive interaction with good causes in any way we can.