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Aids to Navigation - Not Only in Darkness

Technology is racing forward with continuous improvement for electronic Aids to Navigation (AtoN) and innovation such as Bluetooth control for lanterns. However, for most of the 24 hours, AtoNs are viewed in daylight during dawn, possible sunshine and dusk. This offers a challenge for the mariner to distinguish not only colour, but probably more importantly, the shape and outline of both fixed and floating AtoN.

Briggs Marine recognised the need to provide a conspicuous daymark for the mariner to easily identify without confusion and have designed and manufactured suitable buoy structures at our Burntisland facility. Design elements incorporate safe access and egress, utilising materials intended for long term use in a harsh marine environment and has been optimised with the least number of parts and impact resistance. The design is compliant with the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) guidelines and considers future maintenance which forms a significant element of the total ownership cost.

Since 2014, Briggs Marine have manufactured and deployed 252 of these structures for clients in Cardinal, Port, Starboard, Special and Fairway formats throughout the UK. The design allows for installation to most buoys, whether steel or plastic.