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New General Manager of Moorings and Aids to Navigation Division

As a qualified IALA provider, Briggs Marine has maintained MoD moorings and buoyage throughout the UK, Gibraltar and Cyprus since 2008. Additionally, we have been maintaining Aids to Navigation (AtoN) for port operators in the Clyde, Forth, Mersey, Medway and Milford Haven.

In response to Briggs Marine’s continued drive to improve efficiency and reduce costs to the customer through managerial and operational synergy, in January 2018 Malcolm Duncan was appointed as General Manager (Moorings and AtoN).

Malcolm boasts 37 years’ experience in the marine industry, 25 of which have been spent in senior positions at sea and ashore in the maintenance, design and project management of moorings and aids to navigation. Malcolm brings his management skills to the amalgamation of our Government and Commercial Moorings and Aids to Navigation maintenance programmes, to drive forward the efficiencies and synergies created by the pooling of experience.

Malcolm will draw upon the core marine competency in Briggs’ service lines, including asset management, moorings maintenance, marine salvage, Aids to Navigation (buoyage), diving and underwater operations, chartering and insurance.

Malcolm will work with current and potential customers to seek innovative and low-cost solutions to their mooring and navigational aids needs.

One of Malcolm’s recent examples is his approach to buoy material longevity: “Conscious of our duties to the environment, we strive to keep plastic out of our seas. To help achieve this, we will continue to offer steel buoys which have a 50-year life span and can be over-painted to any of the IALA recommended colours. With annual inspections, a newly refurbished buoy will last seven years on station before a change out is required. Elastomer or plastic buoys have their place within the industry but as aids to navigation they are limited, in that they have a shorter lifespan than steel buoys and remain in their original (albeit faded) colour, throughout their lifetime.

Briggs Marine aims to provide a bespoke service to any commercial harbour or port, whether owned or operated, and we will continue to support the MoD servicing its aids to navigation, moorings and marine target markers."