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Project Summary

Briggs Marine are contracted to develop and implement maintenance, logistic support and inventory management for the maintenance of some 220 aids to navigation and 110 heavy moorings in use by UK MoD and their permitted users.

In addition Briggs supports a mooring renewal programme, which supports UK MoD’s continuing policy in the adoption of commercial standards in mooring design.

Our Work

This work presented a clear step change in the development of Briggs and it is a challenge that the Company has reacted to in a positive and professional way. Significant new premises, new blasting, painting, handling equipment ashore and new and modified vessels afloat were transitioned quickly and efficiently.

Through use of new working practices and more efficient logistics, Briggs was able to support its Customer, Serco in overcoming an inherited backlog in maintenance and was able, with Serco’s support, to turn this into a project, which is delivered annually ahead of both time and budget.

Through judicious use of sub-contractors and high levels of productivity ashore (further enhanced by recently commencing to embrace LEAN management methods), Briggs have been able to coordinate logistics and vessel activity to ensure that there is minimal waste and maximum return on investment.


Now entering its 4th contract year, this project continues to be challenging in both scale and deliverability. Yet Briggs’ resilience of delivery and customer confidence has grown year on year.

A Customer keen to explore with us new avenues of operational delivery and technical innovation have helped Briggs grow positive relationships that preserve and build value in our customer’s businesses and ours.