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Briggs aim was to consolidate the operational requirements of 8, UK wide oils storage terminals, sea and pipe import – sea, road and pipe export and to provide single supplier resource for primary facility operational functions. Including management, operator, mechanical, electrical and administrative functions.

Our Work

Our client had 11 different suppliers of services for similar functions at various UK sites, causing significant operational and administrative efficiency issues.

Briggs offered the following solution:

  • Assign specialist project and transition team
  • Design and suggest single supplier options of delivery
  • Verify and test local understanding and functionality
  • Design management of change framework to assist client verification of success of transfer and operational integrity
  • Plan and prepare for seamless transition
  • Confirm, test and verify functionality with all specific site personnel
  • Roll out single supplier service options across all sites
  • Iterate process with client – confirm satisfaction through transition
  • Roll out single supplier service options across all sites
  • Develop normal operational requirements and integrity tests through regular client interaction and verification.
  • Develop longer-term objectives during and post transition to meet client expectations
  • Iterate process with client – confirm satisfaction through operational feedback and demonstration of value added service options


Our client reduced supplier base from multi system to single system, within agreed timeframe across UK wide sites, which was exercised over Christmas and New Year period and achieved without service disruption.

Seamless personnel and process transfer, without loss or damage