Our Guiding Principles

Briggs is focused on the expert delivery of a wide range of marine services in and around the coastal environment. It delivers these services to the highest standards of safety and quality and it strives to bring innovation and collaboration to our relationships with Customers, Staff and Suppliers. The company achieves long term, sustainable growth through careful investment in our people and our assets. We achieve that growth whilst minimising harm to our environment.

Company Culture and Values

The Company’s Culture and Values are communicated freely to its people. The key values dictate how we do business and how we interact between ourselves and with others.

Our core values support the Company’s mission and decision making and provides a benchmark for everything we believe. They are our fundamental beliefs and are integrated into every employee process shaping the Company’s culture for future success.

Our Values and Behaviours:

SafetySafe out, safe home

  • Safety is at the core of everything we do.
  • We have a passion for safety and the environment.
  • We understand the importance of safety practices and techniques and implement these practices effectively.

We are Trusted

  • We consistently deliver, we are reliable and we do what we say we will do.
  • We are easy to do business with ensuring our clients see us being the best at all times.
  • We look out for and support and trust each other to deliver goals and achieve the best result.

We are Committed

  • We thrive in a culture of commitment where we are clear why we do what we do, and we know what success looks like for our clients.
  • We understand our business and acknowledge that it’s our behaviours and service that determines our success.
  • We invest time and energy to ensure we understand different clients needs.

We are Resilient

  • We effectively deal with work related pressures and problems in a professional manner.
  • Our people-focused approach helps us to do what’s right, but also challenge and push back where we need to.
  • We are confident that we foster learning and development in order to maintain current skills and grow the skills required for the future.

We are Quality Focused

  • We do whatever it takes to make sure we deliver a quality service – safely, every time.
  • We are engaged and empowered, we contribute efficiently and effectively, and continually seek opportunities for improvement.
  • We effectively plan, organise and manage our time in order to deliver a high-quality service to our clients.

We are a Team

  • We trust each other to deliver; we are open, honest and co-operative.
  • We are passionate about solving client challenges in a productive, collaborative way that achieves greater results for the client and the business.
  • We understand the strengths and weaknesses of each other and use the is knowledge to enable successful communication, better relationships and increase productivity results.