Environmental, Social & Governance

As a leading provider of Marine Services, Briggs Marine recognises its responsibility as an employer, contributor to the marine industry as well as to communities and wider society. In the drive to attaining net zero, our focus on Sustainability and ESG will help set the path for how we will contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

 The 3 pillars of improving sustainability within Briggs Marine and measuring the ethical impact of our investments:


To safeguard our environment whilst delivering a wide range of marine services, Briggs Marine looks to proactively reduce the impact that its activities have whether that be through assets utilised or through behaviours of its staff.

Briggs Marine is committed to achieving Net Zero by 2050. To achieve this, the company have a number of initiatives running to help drive a sustainable future including:


This initiative is available to Briggs employees and aims to instil positive driving behaviours to help encourage efficient driving practices. Driver performance is monitored with the aim that both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced. Early results from this initiative


Briggs Marine are currently running IRAMS on Pilot Vessels and aim to roll this initiative out to the rest of the fleet in the near future to improve sustainability of our vessels. A real-time marine asset monitoring system, it allows us to interrogate the performance of vessels to ensure efficient operation.

Further details of our carbon reduction initiatives can be found in our Carbon Reduction Plan.

Subsea Cable and Commercial Diving

Net Zero

Briggs Marine is committed to achieving Net Zero by 2050 as set out in our Carbon Reduction Plan.

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Our Employees

Briggs Marine firmly believes that people are at the heart of the business and with just under 800 employees, we are fully committed to being socially responsible.

In addition to ensuring safe and efficient working practices for all employees, Briggs Marine provide a range of lifestyle and wellbeing benefits, including:

  • Discounted health and wellbeing initiatives such as gym memberships
  • Cycle to Work Scheme
  • Employee Assistance Programme

Our Clients and Suppliers

Briggs Marine seeks to be honest and fair in our relationships with stakeholders including employees, suppliers and subcontractors, clients as well as the local community.

Briggs Marine look to work in collaboration with our clients:

  • Environment Agency – in partnership with our client, the Environment Agency Briggs Marine hosted an event to raise awareness about the issues surrounding mental health, especially with the complexities of life and challenges we face today.

Our Communities

Briggs Marine engage with the communities we serve and the wider society with the aim that we can positively contribute towards the development of local projects and support charitable causes.

We support our employees who wish to raise money for charity and do this by contributing to fundraising activities and providing time off.

Further details can be found in our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


Our core values support the Company’s mission and decision making and provides a benchmark for everything we believe. They are our company’s fundamental beliefs and are integrated into every employee process shaping the Company’s culture for future success.

Equality & Diversity

Our key objective is to remain committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all employees and job applicants. We aim to create a working environment in which all individuals can make best use of their skills, free from discrimination or harassment and in which all decisions are based on merit.

Further details can be found on our policies


Our environmental impact has reduced significantly over 2022. The company has taken delivery of the first of four vessels commissioned in 2021 as part of a continued investment program to upgrade its fleet – in this case, utilised within the Port of Sheerness.  The vessels are the first of their type fitted with IMO III compliant propulsion plant.  They offer significantly improved emissions than the predecessor vessels.

In other areas, Briggs has reduced fuel consumption for its clients by 40% through selection of appropriate vessels as well as close monitoring of onboard plant and monitoring operator behaviour using remote telematics. The renewal of its fleet allows the company to achieve enhanced environmental performance, both in terms of carbon impact and quality of emissions. 

Briggs is currently working with the Environment Agency on a project to substantially decarbonise its coastal water quality monitoring services, provided to them under Brigg’s long-term contract. 

Since the introduction of the electrically powered Versi-Cat vessel from Water Witch in March 2021, ‘Medway Gannet’ has removed over 9 tonnes of debris from the waters around the Port of Sheerness.

Moreover, with the expansion of the Company’s environmental services into the North West region, instant oil spill response times will be implemented, ensuring the impact on wildlife and the environment is minimised significantly.

Briggs Marine continues to fulfil the challenges it has set for itself by its ISO50001 accreditation as well as researching opportunities for decarbonisation of the marine services industry. 

Elsewhere, it continues to support Clients including Exxon Mobil and Essar who continue to work and deliver on a range of transitional fuels.