Keeping UK Shipping Moving

The UK’s ports are vital for the country in many ways, not just for the economy but providing us with all the goods, products, raw materials and sources of energy that we all take for granted on a daily basis. Briggs Marine’s range of services that it offers to ports and harbours is vital to the continued smooth running of these facilities.

Having begun providing marine services more than 50 years ago, Briggs fleet of vessels and marine staff have been helping ports through infrastructure projects, vessel management and manpower provision for decades. The following list of services gives an idea of Briggs’ level of involvement in this vital industry sector. Please see additional page links for more information on the services we can provide for your port or harbour.

  • Pilot Launch Operation
  • Provision of Harbour Workboats
  • Oil Spill response
  • Survey
  • Diving
  • Subsea operations