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Briggs Environmental Services Wins Oil Spill Response Contract

Briggs Environmental Services Carry Out an Oil Spill Response Exercise

Briggs Environmental Services has been awarded a 5-year contract to deliver Emergency call out response for the Forties pipeline system in Scotland.

The contract, which also includes the requirement for storage and maintenance services of emergency equipment on behalf of INEOS FPS, requires a proactive and precautionary approach to managing the onshore pipeline.

As a fully accredited MCA Approved Oil Spill Response Organisation (OSRO), Briggs Environmental Services (BES) has established itself as the most experienced and respected spill response company in the UK.

Coordinated from its main bases in Burntisland, Aberdeen, Montrose and Liverpool, Briggs emergency response, is available 24 hours a day ensuring its highly trained and experienced team can respond rapidly, whether it be a land, port or coastal oil spill.

Craig English, Director of Subsea Services with Briggs Marine said:

“Briggs Environmental Services is excited to enhance its association with INEOS and to provide our extensive skill set and 35 years of expertise [in this field], which will be readily available if required.

With the improvement in technology and the tightening of proactive measures, Marine Oil Spills are becoming less frequent than they were when Briggs Environmental Services was first established. However, it remains crucial to have appropriate provisions in place and the ability to respond swiftly in the event of such a situation.”