Termination & Testing

Briggs Marine’s HV Services Team specialise in the provision of qualified and experienced Test Engineers and Jointers to carry out termination & testing (T&T) services at locations in the UK & Europe. We can provide these services both onshore and offshore to support the Renewables, Distribution and Oil & Gas Industries.

Services include:

  • HV Termination & Testing (11kV – 33kV & 66kV Jointing)
  • Fibre Optical Splicing, Termination & Testing
  • Cable Fault Finding & Analysis
  • Cable Storage Testing
  • Client Representative
  • Cable Preventative Maintenance & Monitoring


Our dedicated Project Managers and Project Engineers will provide pre-engineering expertise, carefully planning each job with specific site and task-orientated method statements & risk assessments. Briggs’ full-time onshore team provide 24hr support to our T&T teams during operational projects.

Our Test Engineers are prepared with calibrated test equipment to mobilise 24/365 for urgent cable fault location requirements.  This service extends to provision of a rapid response service for critical fault test reports and analysis.


Briggs Marine can offer the below T&T services:

  • CR – Continuity Resistance Testing
  • TDR – Time Domain Reflectometry
  • LIRA – Line Impedance Resonance Analysis
  • IR – Insulation Resistance Testing
  • Sheath Testing
  • VLF – Very Low Frequency Testing
  • PD – Partial Discharge Testing
  • TD – Tan Delta Testing
  • OTDR – Optical Time Domain Reflectometry
  • Fibre Optic Fusion Splicing
  • X-Talk Testing

Additional testing services:

  • Capacitance Testing
  • Inductance Testing
  • Attenuation Testing
  • Characteristic Impedance Testing

HV Services

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