Cost Effective Salvage Solutions

Briggs Marine has developed a strong foundation of Salvage and subsea engineering task provision ensuring a safe, effective and efficient service. 

Services include:

  • Emergency response
  • Wreck removal
  • Wreck survey and intervention
  • Towage
  • Oil removal
  • Rapid response, fully compliant diving and subsea services

Recognised as a premier provider of salvage services, the company has been commissioned to carry out many salvage tasks, some of which are noted below:

NameVessel TypeLocationYearAction Taken
Aquila Fishing vesselMallaig2009Raised Sunken Vessel
Kea Trader Container shipNew Caledonia2017Salvage support and Environmental containment/recovery
Transocean Winner RigIsle of Lewis2018Salvage from shore grounding and environmental containment/recovery
Golden Cross TugLoch Goil2013Salvage from grounding and environmental containment/recovery
Golden Promise Fishing vesselIsle of Stroma2011Salvage from grounding and environmental recovery
Royal Oak WWII Battleship and War GraveScapa Flow2003 – 2010Oil Recovery from Wreck
MV Emsland Log carrierMontrose2009Salvage from grounding and fuel removal/log removal
MV Sunna Bulk carrierHoy2007Salvage from grounding and environmental containment/recovery
MV Danio Bulk carrierFarne Islands2013Salvage from grounding and environmental containment/recovery
MV Kaami Bulk carrierIsle of Skye2020Salvage from grounding and environmental containment/recovery
Lybslink Seaways Bulk carrierArdnamurchan Point2015Salvage from grounding and environmental containment/recovery
Prescilla Bulk carrierSkerries2018Salvage from grounding and removal of cargo

Of particular note is the work that Briggs Marine carried out on the Royal Oak, a sunken WWII Battleship and war grave. We were awarded the contract for conducting oil removal operations under MoD Salvage & Marine Operations direction. HMS Royal Oak was a Sovereign class battle ship built originally as a coal burner for WW1. The vessel was later converted to fuel oil, consequently, oil tanks are sporadic and in unconventional positions within the hull.

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