An effective tool to identify competency and areas for improvement

Briggs Marine’s Environmental Division undertake regular Oil Spill Response exercises throughout the year to allow response contractors to familiarise themselves with response equipment and to allow the client to see that a response can be launched from the sites outlined in the Oil Spill Response plan.

It is also is an effective tool in assessing a responder’s competency level and to establish whether any improvements can be made. The exercises usually involves up to three Response Contractors, including Briggs Marine, who are required to conduct a damming, small river, medium river, and large river booming exercise per year.

These exercises are crucial to prepare for any major oil spill incidents which might occur. Responder’s can face many challenges during exercises including site accessibility, location and weather so flexibility of approach is required. We created this short video to show what is involved during these exercises.

Watch the video below for an insight into what goes into one of these exercises.


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