Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) licences

Briggs Marine is experienced in progressing applications for Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) licences and can assist clients that require AIS fitted to their Aids to Navigation (AtoN) equipment, whether that be Buoys, Beacons or Lighthouses.

Time Saving

Applying for an AIS licence can often be a time consuming and convoluted process but Briggs Marine can offer this support to clients leaving them time to focus on more pressing operational tasks.

Demarcation Buoy Requirement

A stipulation made by the General Lighthouse Authorities (GLA’s), including the Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) for Scotland, is a requirement for an AIS license for demarcation buoys.

Briggs Marine have successfully supported existing offshore wind farms such as Neart na Gaoithe (NnG) in the AIS licence application process, with the SCOTWIND leasing allocations providing further demand.

Briggs Marine can liaise directly with the GLA’s on behalf of the client for their AtoN needs

AtoN License Support Enquiry

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