Maintaining Safety of Navigation

All Aids to Navigation (AtoN) within ports and at sea, whether fixed or floating, are required to meet the standards as stated within the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) guidelines and recommendations.

Briggs Marine, as an Industrial Member of IALA, helps clients achieve these standards and works in partnership with clients to offer a bespoke package to inspect, maintain and refurbish their ports’ Aids to Navigation.

Whether it’s Lighthouses, Beacons or Buoys, Briggs Marine’s success lies in its ability to work closely with stakeholders to establish and deliver a suitable maintenance plan that meets the needs of the client and importantly, is within the client’s budget.

Efficiencies are achieved through the use of our own vessels and dedicated technicians. With a highly experienced team, Briggs Marine can work to a pre-planned schedule to undertake AtoN inspection and maintenance, including Fixed Lighthouse Beacons and Port Entry Lights (PEL’s) and leading lights. Where necessary, our dedicated AtoN team can also respond promptly to outages as required by IALA recommendations.

To keep clients fully compliant and meet the conditions required by IALA, our services include:

  • AtoN Inspection
  • Defect service
  • Refurbishment plan

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