Experienced in all Aspects of Cable Operations

Briggs has substantial experience of delivering cables projects around UK waters, often in areas with challenging environmental conditions and complex subsea environments.

Our vessel fleet is ideally suited to shallow water and inter-tidal zone cable repairs with many of our vessels being able to ground on the seabed without interruption of repair activity.

Our combination of inhouse expertise, equipment and vessels has earned us a solid reputation as leaders in this field.

Services include:

  • Route engineering – Identifying the optimal cable route across the seabed
  • Planning and consents – Liaising with regulatory bodies and authorities to secure permissions for subsea works to commence
  • Cable protection services – Cable burial, protection and remedial works e.g. scour protection, mattressing and split pipe protection
  • Full service provision – Provision of vessels, specialised equipment and skilled personnel to provide full project support and delivery
  • Jointing – Cable jointing will be done to approved industry standards
  • Cable transportation – Provision of suitable vessel logistics, handling equipment and techniques
  • Cable Decommissioning – Cable decommissioning and recovery, de-construction and disposal
  • Cable Storage, including strategic spares
  • Shore end and complete installation
  • Survey, diving & ROV operations

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