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OPEP-1 On-Scene Commander

On-scene Commanders must be trained to competently manage the response to oil pollution incidents. This course ensures that On-scene Commanders can:

  • Respond to Tier 1 oil pollution incidents unsupported.
  • Implement the approved OPEP; and
  • Escalate any Tier 2/3 oil pollution incident to onshore response teams.

Who should attend:

Any personnel who undertake the role of On-scene Commander.

DBEIS recommends that other key offshore positions (e.g. Production Supervisors, Marine Supervisors, HSE Advisors, Toolpushers, Wellsite Supervisors (Company Rep), Barge Supervisors, etc) also complete this training.

Course Duration:2 Hours

Certification: Accredited by the Nautical Institute. (Valid for 3 years)


On-shore spills out number marine spills, and usually involve small quantities of product but occur frequently from a variety of sources. If not dealt with quickly and effectively these small spills can quickly enter watercourses polluting larger areas, causing more environmental damages, and impacting on the company’s reputation. This course will give onshore response teams the basics they need to know when dealing with operational spills.

Who should attend:

Operators in construction sites responsible for fueling machinery, rail yard employees, workshop employees, workers in refineries and any others that work with fuel or oil products.

Course duration: 90 minutes

Certification: Briggs Environmental Services (Valid for 3 years)


Over the past 10 years wind farms both onshore and offshore have been a predominant feature in our country, supplying a new cleaner form of energy. Oil Spills from these turbines are uncommon, but if they do happen, it’s important to have a team that can quickly deal with these small spills to minimize impacts on the environment and protecting the reputation of the company. This course will give operators/supervisors the basic 7 steps in spill response in how to deal with small operational spills quickly, efficiently on site.

Who should attend:

Renewable maintenance staff, supervisors, HSE managers and control room operators

Course duration: 90 mins

Certification: Briggs Environmental Services (Valid for 3 years)


Small operational spills occur frequently on worksites, factories workshops and others. If these spills are not dealt with quickly, they can lead to water or ground contamination which involves the removal of large amounts of contaminated waste from the site, increasing costs and damages to the environment. In this course delegates will learn how to deal with small tier 1 spills utilising the spill kits that they have on-site.

Course duration: 90 mins

Certification: Briggs Environmental Services (Valid for 3 years)

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