Purpose Designed Vessels

Briggs coastal survey vessels were purposely designed to be able to deliver a range of tasks for ecology surveys. The shallow draught of the vessels (<1.5m) enables them to operate well into the intertidal zone as well as being capable of working in coastal locations.

The large deck allows safe operation of a range of grabs, underwater camera equipment, plankton and fish trawls. The survey cabin has wet and dry areas so that samples can be processed without interfering with the data collection and navigational areas within the survey cabin.

Full data network, cable routes, gyro compass, echo sounder and dgps are all standard across the survey vessel fleet. Survey staff can also use the onboard galley and mess areas as well as overnight berths if required.

Briggs survey vessel crews are extremely experienced in carrying out ecology surveys, having completed thousands of hours of grab and Drop-down video (DDV) surveys all around the UK coastline over the last 20 years.

Briggs can provide vessel (fully crewed) as well as ecology survey equipment to meet the clients’ needs. Our vessels are also ideal for marine mammal and seabird surveys. The vessels provide perfect platforms for this work with seating provide at >5m eye height.

Services include

  • Vessel provision
  • Equipment provision including grabs, DDV eqpt
  • Sampling equipment
  • Deck equipment
  • Ecologists and Surveyors
  • Navigation and Data Logging equipment

Briggs provides survey vessels for the Environment Agency’s national programme of survey work which includes an extensive network of sites requiring sampling for water quality, benthic sampling, plankton and fish sampling.

Briggs has worked with many customers to provide ecology surveys for a range of purposes including aggregate industry monitoring, windfarm development, environmental impact studies etc.

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