Seabed Sampling Experts

Briggs Marine can provide a range of geotechnical sampling from its survey vessels, multicats and larger vessels.

Briggs Marine’s survey vessels can deliver a range of light geotechnical works through use of a range of benthic grabs including Day Grab, Van Veen Grab, Mini Hamon Grab. Grabs are deployed safely through the vessels hydraulic “A” frame and fitted deck winch. The lifting arrangements and deck space allow for efficient operations and high levels of safety.

Additional geotechnical tasks delivered from the survey vessels include gravity coring and other light geotechnical devices. Positional information is provided using the vessel’s on board navigation system.

For slightly heavier equipment deployment such as Vibrocore and Cone Penetration Test equipment , Briggs Marine’s multicat vessels offer the perfect platform, having excellent manoeuvrability, lifting capacity and deck space. Briggs’ multicats have delivered extensive programmes of nearshore geotechnical work. Clients are invited to charter the vessels alone or request complete service including sampling, delivery and reporting.

Services include

  • Benthic grab sampling (range of grabs)
  • Vibrocore
  • Cone Penetration Testing
  • Gravity Coring

Third-party survey companies can charter vessels or Briggs Marine can provide experienced skippers and surveyors dependent on our Client’s requirements.

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