Data Acquisition to Support Safe Navigation

Briggs Marine works with a range of clients to deliver Hydrographic Surveys for Ports, Harbours and other developments to deliver accurate bathymetry data. This data may be for statutory requirements or project specific. Briggs can tailor the solution to meet the clients exact requirements.

Our Coastal Survey Vessels are ideal for nearshore hydrographic surveys. Briggs can also provide full survey spread including equipment, personnel and reporting if required.

The ‘Guardian’ class vessels offer excellent platforms for provision of hydrographic survey work. A central moonpool with rigid sensor pole is provided for single-beam or multibeam echo-sounders. A large survey cabin is available for surveyors, providing ample space for data collection equipment. A comfortable galley and mess area are available as well as overnight berths if required.

The large aft deck, winches and A frame allow easy deployment of additional towed instruments if required.

Third-party survey companies can charter vessels or Briggs Marine can provide experienced skippers and surveyors dependent on our Client’s requirements.

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