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Critical Aids to Navigation

Briggs Marine delivers Critical AtoN throughout the pandemic. Read more about how this service helps our customers with their AtoN needs.

Critical Aids to Navigation

Under difficult circumstances, the Briggs Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) team have dedicated in the region of 750 hours to the maintenance of floating AtoN across the United Kingdom. The team ensure this critical service is in operation and that each job is completed safely, efficiently, and socially distant as per UK and Scottish Government guidelines.

Briggs Marine Aids to Navigation team in Operation

During the lockdown so far, our Aids to Navigation crew and technicians have completed the maintenance of floating AtoN on the Firth of Forth, NNG Windfarm (Neart Na Gaoithe), Walney Wind Farms, Yorkshire Water and are close to completing maintenance on the AtoN at the Port of Ramsgate. Once completed, approximately 80 AtoN will have been maintained.

The team have also undertaken Emergency repairs in Ramsgate, the River Clyde, Mersey and the Firth of Forth.

Work and maintenance on fixed Aids to Navigation on the River Clyde and Firth of Forth continue to take place with basic upkeep taking place twice a year with full refurbishment on request.

Excellent dedication from our office staff and crew onboard the Kingdom of Fife, MV Cameron, Forth Fighter and our AtoN Technicians, Kirsty Michie and Arturas Zalatoris.

If you are interest in working with Briggs Marine or have any question regarding our moorings and aids to navigation operations, please contact Malcolm Duncan, General Manager, on For vessel charter, please contact

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