Integrated Management System Policy

Integrated Management System Policy

Briggs Marine & Environmental Services provide clients with the following services: the provision of marine contracting and marine civil engineering services, submarine cable laying and maintenance services, environmental services including training, consultancy and oil spill response, oil and gas terminal operation services, and the maintenance and deployment of moorings and navigation buoys.

The company is committed to continually improving the quality, reliability, and efficiency of the services it provides. To achieve this a fully integrated management system has been adopted; and independently verified as operating in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) and in accordance with the principles of ISO 50001 (Energy Management Systems). Integral to this commitment is the absolute desire to reduce accidents and work-related ill health to our employees and other persons and to lessen harm to the environment to the minimum level that is reasonably practicable.

Briggs Marine & Environmental Services shall comply fully with the requirements of all relevant and applicable Health, Safety and Environmental legislation and any other regulations pertinent to its undertaking.

We will, in the interests of our business and the service we provide to our customers, promote, and communicate throughout the organisation the need for quality, safety and environmental awareness. This shall be achieved by regular meetings, toolbox talks, and forums held across the organisation. We will ensure the integrity of service through compliance with appropriate codes, standards, and directives applicable to our activities.

Briggs Marine & Environmental Services will continue to consult with employees in the development of objectives and targets. These will be set annually to ensure continuous improvement throughout the organisation. The objectives and targets shall be measurable and auditable, and the lessons learnt will be used to drive improvement.

We acknowledge the importance of the performance of our vendors in achieving our quality, safety, and environmental aims. Therefore, we shall always seek to establish close and constructive relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors.

Adequate resources shall be made available to ensure implementation of this policy across the organisation. This policy shall be available to the public and other interested parties on request.