Computer Based Training (CBT) Course

OPEP-1 On-Scene Commander

On-scene Commanders must be trained to competently manage the response to oil pollution incidents. This course ensures that On-scene Commanders can:

  • Respond to Tier 1 oil pollution incidents unsupported.
  • Implement the approved OPEP; and
  • Escalate any Tier 2/3 oil pollution incident to onshore response teams.

Who should attend:

Any personnel who undertake the role of On-scene Commander.

DBEIS recommends that other key offshore positions (e.g. Production Supervisors, Marine Supervisors, HSE Advisors, Toolpushers, Wellsite Supervisors (Company Rep), Barge Supervisors, etc) also complete this training.

Course Duration:2 Hours

Certification: Accredited by the Nautical Institute. (Valid for 3 years)

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