Skyhorse Cranes

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General Infomation

400 T Capacity Crawler Crane
Sky Horse trailing counter weight
Main Boom 60.96m (present configuration)
Aux Fly Jib 15.24m (present configuration)
Width of Cab 3.45m
Width over Counterweight 4.57m
Height over Cab 4.05m
Tailswing 5.79m
Tailswing with A-frame lowered 8.20m
Centre of pivot to centre of crane boom foot 1.78m
Ground to centre of crane boom foot 2.45m
Height over A-frame in retracted position 10.15m
Height over A-frame in raised position 10.15m
Ground to bottom of counterweight 1.74m
Ground clearance under carbody 0.61m
Crawler bearing length 9.07m
Centre to centre crawler tumblers 8.53m
Over-all length of crawlers 10.06m
Height of crawler track 1.57m
Width of tread shoes (standard) 1.27m
Width of tread shoes (optional) 1.52m
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