Deploying and Recovery of Complex Heavy Moorings

When a ship secures to a ‘class’ mooring buoy it is possible that over 400 tonnes of chain and anchors lie underneath. The mooring riser will be subject to the harsh elements of the sea as well as additional weight and movement of a ship secured to the buoy. For this reason, it is important that these complex moorings are maintained to extend the life of the mooring as well as ensure the safety of the vessels secured to the buoy.

Utilising its experience whilst following industry best practice, Briggs Marine offers a bespoke maintenance programme which can include the deployment and recovery of these vast moorings.

This specialist work can see the deployment of chain sizes range from 38mm to 102mm and anchors range from 3 tonne to 12 tonnes. For larger moorings attracting ships of 50,000GT, the chain and anchors would be at the higher end of the scale.

Briggs Marine caters for single leg, taught leg and catenary moorings as well as trot moorings where more than one buoy is lined up enabling vessels to secure fore and aft.

The choice of mooring required is based on the location and what will be attached to it. As well as larger moorings we can also deploy, recover and maintain tug and workboat moorings.

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