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Briggs Marine invests in SHE Software, Assure

Briggs Marine has invested in SHE Software’s Assure as their existing management system was proving to be extremely time-consuming.

Investment SHE Software, Assur

The new year starts with a new health and safety solution launching at Briggs Marine. The Company has invested in SHE Software’s Assure as their existing management system was proving to be extremely time-consuming, visibility, reporting and actions weren’t truly reflective of real-time and accessibility to safety information for employees working on vessels and offshore was poor.

Danny McLaren, Group HSEQ Manager at Briggs Marine & Environmental Services Ltd, said:

“Due to the challenging and rapidly changing environments we operate in, the protection of the health and safety of everyone involved in our operations is of paramount importance to us. As an organisation we implement industry good practice and are fully compliant with applicable UK and European legislation and standards.

Health and safety performance is given the highest priority by systematically identifying, assessing and managing all risks. However, as Briggs has expanded over the years it came to our realisation that our old incident management system was technically outdated.

Our vision is to go beyond eliminating preventable illnesses, injuries, business losses and environmental harm due to unplanned events in our premises and on our sites. To do this, we needed to update our incident and reporting software, after considering several solutions, SHE Software was deemed the best fit for the Company’s requirements.

The system is simple to use and is easily accessible to all, it is also configurable which means management can capture the relevant information for reporting purposes. We promote a positive health and safety culture at Briggs, where employees of all levels are responsible for their own safety and that of any others who may be affected by their acts or omissions. This new software encourages engagement with all our staff so that everyone is enthusiastically involved in managing risk, securing success and acting as ambassadors for our realistic and practical vision.”

The health and safety team and senior management will use the enhanced data analysis and reporting available within Assure to monitor trends to inform of future training needs, track locally delegated safety actions and put in early preventative measures for any hazards identified across its workforce. The Assure Mobile App will also enable employees working offshore to capture health and safety information in any location: if no Internet connection is available, information will be stored locally on the device until it can be synced eliminating any need for double entry.

Simon Cooke, Strategic Partner and Alliances Manager SHE Software, said:

“It’s fantastic that Briggs Marine are part of our SHE Software health and safety community. Briggs operate in a unique environment, with a dispersed workforce spread onshore and offshore at any time. Our health and safety software, Assure, will deliver both the configurability and accessibility required at a local level to allow employees to undertake safety activities as part of their day to day role. We look forward to a long, rewarding and collaborative working relationship.”