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Briggs Marine strengthens Subsea offering

Briggs Marine, has invested more than £1 million into its subsea services division recently. Find out more about our investments here.

Briggs Marine, has invested more than £1million into its subsea services division over recent months.

The company has enhanced its subsea cable repair and installation capabilities with the addition of two new 15Te tracked cable tensioners. The tensioners were employed immediately in the renewable energy sector to deliver power to cable installation operations for Briggs’ subsea services division. These tensioners are a further addition to Briggs’ already extensive cable handling equipment portfolio, which supports numerous framework agreements with the company’s key clients.

Briggs has also invested in two cable storage tanks, extending its Burntisland-based cable depot, based on increased demand. This move further strengthens Briggs’ range of services for the renewable, utilities, diving and oil and gas sectors.

Craig English, director of subsea services at Briggs Marine said:

“We strive to ensure that we have a modern and fit-for-purpose range of equipment, to offer our clients the highest level of service and best solutions for their needs.

“Briggs Marine continues to demonstrate commitment to the subsea services market by investing significantly into high quality, capable cable handling equipment. These new assets further strengthen our position as a leading provider of turnkey subsea cable installation and repair solutions to the renewable energy and utilities markets.”

The new cable tensioners are designed to accommodate cable diameters from 50mm to 400mm, with capability to maintain squeeze pressure and 15Te line tension on the product during changes in diameter, for example factory and repair joints. The system contains an integrated HPU and sacrificial sea fastening plates for streamlined rapid installations onto vessels. Linear speed is variable up to 45m/min for deepwater cable/flexible installation and recovery.

Following the recent expansion of Briggs’ Liverpool portside facilities, the new cable tensioner units will be stored at this base and are available to the wider market for hire.