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HOM and Briggs Marine Sign Collaboration Agreement

Horizon Ocean Management (HOM) have signed a collaboration agreement with Briggs Marine to establish an O&M consultancy and service provision.

Briggs Marine and HOM Collaboration Utilise Offshore Experience

Horizon Ocean Management (HOM)– a subsidiary joint venture between Mitsui and Hokutaku (the leading turbine maintenance company in Japan) – have signed a collaboration agreement with Briggs Marine (UK) to establish the most progressive offshore wind operations and maintenance consultancy and service provision offering within the burgeoning Japanese market today.

The agreement will see both companies work together to provide pre-bidding development advisory services, development loss prevention services, installation support and world-class operational strategic advisory and service provision across the offshore wind asset spectrum. HOM has already established a unique position within the supply chain of the offshore wind industry in Japan and with Briggs Marine’s position as the pre-eminent cable service company in Europe, the collaboration delivers a powerful world-class proposition to offshore wind development, loss prevention and insurance, installation and operational players.

Nobuyuki Takagi, Managing Director of HOM, commented: “The European offshore wind supply chain has a wealth of marine and subsea experience via its long history in sectors such as Oil & Gas, in order to realise our national offshore wind deployment vision, HOM believe that learning from and working with the leading companies in these more advanced markets will develop and improve Japanese competence earlier, ultimately helping to establish middle to long-term local capability.

We identified Briggs Marine early as one of the best full lifecycle offshore cable experts around and are delighted to be collaborating with them here in Japan.

With a wealth of experience in offshore wind and one of the first companies to secure multi-year O&M frameworks from major offshore wind developers, we believe that our arrangement with Briggs Marine will help establish real offshore wind competence in Japan much earlier.”

Collieson Briggs, Managing Director of Briggs Marine, commented: “We are delighted to be collaborating with HOM, helping expand our geographical offshore wind footprint beyond Europe. We continually monitor growing overseas opportunities and identified Japan as the most appropriate market to establish a presence within the rapidly evolving Asian renewable sector. It was clear from early discussions that Briggs and HOM shared a number of common aspirations and ideologies, the decision to establish a collaboration agreement was an easy one to make.

We are confident that HOM will be a strong player in the Japanese offshore wind market when the O&M service market reaches critical mass in the coming years and we are delighted to be adding to their suite of asset servicing capabilities.

The opportunity to immediately support the Japanese sector by sharing the lessons we have learned in Europe was very compelling. Providing offshore wind strategy and advisory services, loss prevention advice and risk mitigation expertise allows us to further develop our presence across all phases of the offshore wind lifecycle.”

The collaboration agreement between both parties is effective immediately; both parties are actively working with customers in Japan across offshore wind development, insurance and asset installation disciplines.