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Briggs Marine Take Ownership of New Multi-Purpose Workboat, The Medway Hunter

Briggs Marine has taken delivery of the first of four vessels commissioned in 2021 - the first being The Medway Hunter. Find out more here.

New Multi-Purpose Workboat

Briggs Marine, a leading provider of marine services, has taken delivery of the first of four vessels commissioned in 2021 as part of a continued investment program to upgrade its fleet utilised within the Port of Sheerness.

The ‘Medway Hunter’, a multipurpose workboat measuring just over 15.5 meters in length, will operate within the Medway Estuary as part of Briggs Marine’s port services contract with Peel Ports London Medway.

The vessel purchase enables Briggs Marine to continue with the provision of first-class services ranging from Oil Spill Response, Harbour Patrol to Dredging and Debris Clearance.

Diarmuid Lundy, General Manager of Briggs Port and Vessel Management Division commented

“Despite the coronavirus pandemic setback, as part of our contract with Peel Ports, Briggs Marine commissioned and oversaw the build of this versatile workboat to ensure timely delivery.  We look forward to replacing the rest of the existing fleet including 3 new line handling vessels which are still under construction.”

The ‘Medway Hunter’, which replaces the ‘Forth Umpire’, has now been fully certified and is set to enhance the Briggs Marine operations in the Medway area.