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Subsea Cable Repair

Preparation to subsea cable repair and replacement is key in delivering efficiency to any operation.  Time and resource spent upfront, has proven to pay significant dividends in ensuring delays to rectification are minimised.

Briggs has a wealth of experience on cable repairs and fully recognise the subtle differences and requirements of power cable repair spreads and methodologies, compared to installation scenarios.

We understand that each repair is bespoke and work on the principle that we select the correct vessel for any given task and add our experienced personnel and equipment to the vessel to provide the optimum solution.

Briggs Marine's approach to subsea cable repair is to undertake contingency planning and draft repair scenarios with regular inspection and maintenance to ensure cable integrity. This level of preparedness reduces the time taken to undertake a repair and to reduce the outage time of the assets to the Operator.

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Briggs Marine can offer a turn-key solution:

  • Contingency Planning and Repair Strategies for Operators
  • Storage of strategic spare cable, joints and ancillaries
  • Fault Finding
  • Survey – Bathymetric, Hydrographic, depth of burial
  • Rapid mobilisation with our modular cable repair spread
  • Cable repair, shallow and deep water
  • Cable replacement
  • Burial and deburial operations
  • Scour protection & remedial work
  • Rock berm installation / removal
  • Mattress Installation / removal
  • Route Clearance
  • Diving Operations
  • Equipment Hire