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Briggs Marine is pleased to announce the latest addition to its fleet, The Forth Navigator.

Briggs Marine is pleased to announce the latest addition to its fleet, the Forth Navigator, a cutting-edge pilot vessel designed to meet rising demand for pilot services within the UK. Scheduled for delivery in March, this state-of-the-art vessel will be road transportable thereby offering our clients rapid mobilisation to anywhere in the country.

From March 2024, clients will have the opportunity to charter the Forth Navigator for a range of activities, including pilot boat duties and harbour patrol either on a short or long-term basis. The vessel is a 12m version of the now well-established ORC design, incorporating the high levels of performance and crew comfort that the larger ORC designs are well known for.  With the ability to carry 4 pilots, the Forth Navigator is ideally suited to any of the UK’s ports and harbours and can be mobilised by either land or sea.

Steven Pierce, of boatbuilder Goodchild Marine stated,

“One of the main benefits to this vessel of course, is that the semi displacement hull design of the ORC is about 40% more fuel efficient than counterparts of similar size, helping to reduce emissions. In addition, the road transportability of the 12m pilot vessel adds another dimension of flexibility, allowing it to reach various locations swiftly.”

As a major provider of port and marine services, and as a Pilot Launch operator, Briggs has seen the demand for high quality marine support increase significantly in recent years. Brigg’s investment in the Forth Navigator will allow us to support our clients through provision of this critical port service.