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Subsea Cable Installation

Experienced in all cable operations, Briggs has gained substantial experience in difficult environmental conditions around UK waters. Our shallow water capability, particularly in inter-tidal zones, has earned us a solid reputation as leaders in this field.  Our fleet specialises in shallow water and inter-tidal zone cable repairs and many of our vessels can ground on the seabed without interruption of repair activity

 Services include:

  • Route engineering
  • Planning and consents
  • Cable fault risk assessment
  • Burial, protection and remedial works e.g. scour protection, mattressing, split pipe protection
  • Provision of vessels, specialised equipment and skilled personnel
  • Jointing
  • Cable transportation
  • Cable decommissioning and recovery, de-construction and disposal
  • Cable Storage, including strategic spares
  • Shore end and complete installation
  • Survey, diving & ROV operations