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Forth Constructor

General Information

PLEASE NOTE: Spec sheet is for guidance only

For full technical specifications, contact Alan Henderson




o/a 28.50m



Moulded Depth


Max Draught


Min Draught


Shell plating

all welded 9.5mm thick

Deck Plating


600mm diameter bow roller for anchor handling

Twin push bows

Towing bitts and quick release tow hook on aft deck

Anchor and capstan winch

Towing winch type ACE c/w 500 metres, 36mm wire

Main Equipment

Engine Equipment

Twin Doosan main engines

V180TIH series 600HP @ 2000RPM

Two Ulstien 360° propulsion units type US105

Two Doosan generator engines GEC 220 volt DC x 70 KVA

Russell Newbury auxiliary genset x 20 KVA pumps -fire pump, bilge pump, oil transfer pump

120 tonne metre EFFER marine crane c / w

19.45 metre jib, 360° continuous slewing

17T Bollard Pull


Two twin bunk cabins, galley / mess room, toilet & shower

Navigation Equipment, Lifesaving Equipment, All equipment approved by MSA

Deck Cargo

250 tonnes sheltered waters, 150 tonnes coastal waters. Potable water capacity 100 tonnes. Fuel in vessel tanks 54 tonnes

Hydraulic oil, lube oil and fuel oil can be supplied to deck through a meter for fuelling other vessels etc

International Loadline Certification